Fitness centers uses yoga to raise awareness of human trafficking

1st Joplin yoga expo raises funds for Rapha House
Fitness centers uses yoga to raise awareness of human trafficking
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According to a study by the Global Slavery Index, fourty point three million people were in modern slavery around the world in 2016.

Seventy one percent of them being women and girls.

An event in Joplin used yoga to raise awareness of those startling numbers.

Sun salutation and downward dog.. done for a good cause.

It was a day of firsts at Millennium Family Fitness in joplin.. as they got together to stretch.. and raise awareness of modern day slavery.

Amelia Hill, Millennium Family Fitness :”We’re here to try out yoga, to try different styles out, but we’re doing this based on a charity event for Rapha House.”

Don’t worry.. it’s not as far a stretch as it may seem.

For a small fee, participants could get into the first ever Joplin yoga expo.. with that fee going to the Rapha Hhouse, a non-profit that works to help women and girls that have been victims of human trafficking.

Alexis Dewey, Rapha House:”They end up just being a slave.. for them it ends up being working for sex and being raped.. and all the most horrible things you could ever think possible. And so what Rapha House is trying to do is, we’re for one trying to help and heal the girls, you know just through our programs and everything, and then we also have our prevention programs.”

An estimated 40 point three million people were trafficked in 2016 — with more than seventy percent of them being women and girls.

Mia Sabo, Joplin resident:”Kind of just raising awareness, but also getting the funds that they need to send to these places that don’t really have a way to get that kind of money.”

Events like this, and community support, are really very crucial to the work that the Rapha House is able to do.

Dewey:”This is absolutely incredible, and like I said, we are so thankful that we have organizations and people like this that are willing to do these amazing things for us.”

An event that’s sure to extend into the future.. as it continues to raise awareness of a disturbing issue.

Hill:”That’s what the Joplin community’s about. In the end, we’re all here to help one another.”

If you would like to know more about the Rapha House, just follow this link.