Fish have pandemics too

Enter: State Hatcheries.

Human beings aren’t the only ones who deal with pandemics. Just ask a fish.

Or the team at the State Fish Hatchery in Farlington, KS. Manager Dan Mosier II tells us that diseases can spread every now and then.

While fish can’t wear masks, they can be socially distanced. If not contained quickly, disease can spread not only to other fish in the water, but to other facilities as well.

15-20 years ago, a particularly bad outbreak at his hatchery wiped out nearly every catfish fingerling at the hatchery.

Mosier tells us these happen both in culture and wild stocks, and that vaccines and antibiotics have been developed over the years.

Yesterday at the Hatchery, Mosier and his team brought in channel catfish yesterday that they were holding over the winter. Using their warm water fish culture, they are able to maintain and restore the sport fish population in the state of Kansas. They also have a program that works to repair damaged populations for non-sport species.

Along with looking out for fish, this work also helps those who love the outdoors.

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