First ever “Route 66 Heritage Festival” held in Miami

MIAMI, Okla. – The City of Miami is hosting the inaugural Route 66 Heritage Fest.

The Route 66 Heritage Festival in Miami is hosting a number of events, from live music, to food trucks, a car and bike show, and so much more. For local band “Until Now”, it’s the opportunity to play for their greatest fans. Band member Joe Redden says “To be honest with you, we’re mind blown with it, we’ve been excited with it for about two months now, we’ve been getting ready, we’re just super excited to play in a crowd this size and play on a stage like that, so we’re super excited.”

The concert series features eight groups, four Ffriday evening and four more Ssaturday, as it pays tribute to the musical heritage of Ooklahoma. Redden says “It’s great, it’s absolutely great, couldn’t ask for anything better than this man, it’s really great, really excited for the car show, bike show, all that stuff, I mean, something like this hasn’t happened in Miami for a long time and it’s really great to see the community coming together like this.”

That musical heritage is what brought Oklahoma’s Lieutenant Governor, Matt Pinnell, to the festival, so he could make an announcement about two of Mmiami’s more famous musicians. “Miami has a lot of great musicians that have come through the Miami, Oklahoma area, but the Gaines, part of Lynyrd Skynyrd, will be inaugurated tonight into our Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.”

Pinnell sees it as a great opportunity for the community as a whole. “For a town to be playing to their strengths, talking about how amazing Route 66 is, the American experience you can get here, along with promoting the Oklahoma Music Trail and all the musical heritage, I think it’s a winning combination and one that’s going to pay dividends for this town and make small business owners here a lot of money.”

The festival continues tomorrow with more live music beginning at 4:00pm.