First ever Bras At The Bridge fundraiser held at old Redings Mill bridge

JOPLIN, Mo. – The Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks hosted its first ever “Bras at the Bridge” fundraiser at the Redings Mill bridge just south of Joplin. We spoke with a couple of breast cancer survivors on just how important the foundation is.

If you drove by the old Redings Mill bridge Saturday, you may have seen something, a bit out of the ordinary. Bras lined both sides of the bridge, all for the ‘Bras at the Bridge’ fundraiser. Kristi Seibert is the Outreach Director for the foundation and says thanks to events like this, they’re able to help women in need. Seibert says “Breast Cancer Foundation operates by local people’s generous donations, we take no money from the government or the state or anything like that, so, it is the only way that we operate and that we are able to help families in our area in need while they’re going through breast cancer, for us to make those house payments and pay the rent and pay the utilities, so, it’s imperative.”

Bras on one side were donated and will be given to local organizations that help women like the Lafayette House. The other side, were decorated bras, setup to help raise money for the foundation. Christine Kost decorated one of the bras on display to help show her thanks. “Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks helped me considerably during my cancer treatment, I was in the process of adopting two of my grandsons and there was quite a bit of a financial burden at that time.”

Kost says her diagnosis was a surprise. “I had had a normal mammogram in March and I was diagnosed in July of 2020, so, I was just starting to have some issues, felt some pain and things.”

Jill Childs is another breast cancer survivor who also decorated a bra for the event. Like Kost, she’s grateful for the help of the Breast Cancer Foundation. “It’s been very beneficial, they’ve been supportive and just there via email, or anyway that I needed to contact for questions and they did support me some financially which was very extremely helpful.”

Her diagnosis was also a surprise and she says she had no previous signs anything was wrong. “It was a surprise, mine was found on a mammogram and I never detected a lump or anything, it was just a routine mammogram, I’ve never had an abnormal one before in my past and I’ve had a whole lot of them, so, yea, it was a surprise and I just encourage all women to not put those, not postpone those because of COVID or any other reason because you just don’t know.”

Both women want to emphasize the importance of getting your mammograms regularly to stay ahead of any potential issues.