Fireworks warehouse using video system to help customers “try before they buy”.

Pyro-salesman system displays fireworks
Fireworks warehouse using video system to help customers “try before they buy”.
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This is Kinsey Sorrell’s second summer working at Big Charlie’s Fireworks.

It’s one of the biggest firework warehouses in Joplin, so it can be kind of hard to keep track of what each product does.

Kinsey Sorrell, Big Charlie’s Fireworks employee:”Last summer when I first came in here I didn’t know a whole lot about fireworks, I was just trying to get a summer job to help pay for school. Aand so when people would ask me about a product, I didn’t really know what it was or what it did.”

This year, she’s gotten better at knowing what the different things do.

But, the shop has started using what’s called a “Pyro-salesman” — making her job a little less complicated.

Kinsey:”It’s easier because when people come in and ask for a firework and they want to see a pretty firework, a colorful firework, you can actually go to the system and scan it and they can see it and they’ll actually know what they’re buying.”

The way the system works is actually really simple.

You just take the firework that you want to see, scan the barcode, and a video will come up on a tv to show you exactly what it does.

Emily Sorrell, Big Charlie’s Fireworks employee:”It definitely makes sales a lot easier. It’s very visual, so you go through and you can say, this has lots of color, and they can believe you, but once you scan it and you show them actually how much color that firework has, that’s a big deal.”

And shoppers we talked to think it’s a cool idea.. since fireworks can change year to year, and the descriptions on boxes can be misleading.

Emily:”A lot of our customers like it. A lot of little kids really like to run around with the scanner and see what things do, that’s a big hit. People like to know what they’re buying before they buy it.”

Just another tool to help customers get the most bang for their buck.

There are also Big Charlie’s locations in Lamar, Branson and Seneca.

Each of those locations use the pyro salesman system.

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