Fire breaks out at Joplin auto shop

JOPLIN, Mo. – The Route 66 Auto Center in Joplin caught fire earlier today. 

Fire officials at the scene said a car caught fire inside the auto shop. The owner witnessed the fire on their security cameras and called the fire department.

They also said due to it being a body shop, the chemicals within the shop may have played a part in the blaze.

Joplin, Diamond, Carthage, and Webb City’s fire departments were called in to fight the fire alongside Duenweg’s Fire Department. 

It was reported that they had a car on fire inside the structure. It’s a body shop. it is naturally prone to be able to burn just because of some of the chemicals that they have inside. The fire progressed to the point that it is going to be a total loss on the building,” said Howard Reding, Duenweg Fire Chief.

The fire was contained within the building. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined, but officials have ruled the fire an accident.