Fined NBA owner chooses Art Feeds in Joplin to receive $50,000

Art Feeds in Joplin says thank you to NBA Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

Cuban was recently fined $50,000 for his Twitter comments about league officiating. His fine was to go to a charity of his choice and he chose Art Feeds.

Each $1 donated allows one child to participate.

Right now Art Feeds reaches 2,000 children weekly and eventually they want to reach every child in the community.

This donation puts them one step closer.

“For us to be able to Tweet this generous man for an hour on Monday night then on Tuesday night on his TV show, say ‘we chose Art Feeds to receive $50,000 dollars’ is huge for us, and it doesn’t take time away from the kids, so yes we are so excited,” says Art Feeds founder Meg Bourne.

We emailed Mark Cuban and he responded by saying “Just glad I could help them out. That’s the benefit of watching AXS (cable) TV and me getting fined!”

For more information about Art Feeds visit or visit their Facebook page.