Finding a mentor for kids like this 10-year-old

Big Brothers Big Sisters serving Crawford County is seeking "Bigs" to pair with the "Littles" on their waiting list.

Everyone deserves a mentor in their lives, but the reality is that not every kid has one.

That’s where Big Brothers Big Sisters comes into play.

The chapter serving Crawford County is currently promoting the Ten Men Challenge – a campaign with the goal of finding ten men from around the Southeast Kansas area to step up and be a mentor for one of the 33 kids on their waiting list.

Of the 33 waiting to be paired, 29 of them are boys, including 10-year-old Jaynell Weathersby.

This past week, KOAM’s Jesse Irwin teamed up with the chapter in Crawford County and the Pittsburg Police Department to celebrate Jaynell’s birthday (scroll down for pictures and more).

Watch below to learn how the interview process works for becoming a Big:

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Posted by KOAM News Now on Monday, July 20, 2020