Fighting for her little brother in Fort Scott

Corey Knight hangs out with his mom and sister

Corey Knight is an 18-year-old being cared for by his mother and sister in Fort Scott, Kansas who’s dealing with a brain anomaly you may not have heard of.

It’s called Holoprosensephaly and is more commonly referred to as H P E. Because of this condition, Corey requires around the clock care in order to live a comfortable life.

“Mom is the primary care provider, obviously. She lives here in the home. I also have my other younger brother who lives in the home, as well as his girlfriend. Those two work for Corey, as well as myself,” said Corey’s sister, Trishelle Stewart.

Caring for Corey can be tough at times, but this young man has a knack for smiling and staying positive, and that trait definitely rubs off on the family who loves him.

“He’s just a total joy. And yes, it is a lot of work. It is a 24/7 job. But the joy that this child gives back, he’s just so pure and innocent,” said Kim Rose, Corey’s mother.

While the good times definitely outweigh the bad for Corey and his family, there’s one area that could use improvement: Corey’s bathroom.

As Corey gets older and bigger, bathing him is getting more and more difficult due to limited space. The situation forces Corey’s mother to remove him from his wheel chair before entering the bathroom which isn’t easy, and Corey’s sister says Kansas Medicaid won’t help with bathroom modifications.

“We have sent the paperwork off 3 times now trying to get justice for him so he can have a bathroom, and they just keep denying us. They think that his quality of life will not improve because of having a bath,” said Trishelle.

Corey’s sister had turned to GoFundMe in order to raise money to build a handicap accessible bathroom for her little brother. Corey’s mom says the 4-State community has come through for her son before, and is praying they can help once again.

“I think I would break down and cry, for sure. People have already been so incredible with their emotional support, ever since he was born,” said Kim.

If you’d like to donate to help Corey get a handicap accessible bathroom, you can find his GoFundMe page here.