Festa Italiana returns to Frontenac for 22nd year

Funds went toward college scholarships for Frontenac High School Students.

FRONTENAC, Ks.–The city of Frontenac celebrates twenty-two years of bridging cultures, and celebrating their heritage.

And they’re doing this at their annual, Festa Italiana. 

“There’s German food, Italian food, there’s more Italian food than anything, just because that’s the heritage of  Frontenac,” said President of the Frontenac Education Foundation, Ann Brown.

Plenty of people were gathered to taste good food and enjoy each other’s company, but the event had a larger impact, especially on children in the town.

“We have people who donate their time and food and we use the money to fund scholarships every graduating senior from Frontenac gets a $150 scholarship every semester.”

This fundraiser that’s gone on for over twenty years not only helps out graduating Frontenac, seniors, but rather all Frontenac students.

“The education foundation was founded on scholarships but they also help fund numerous things for kids at school at Frontenac, we have funded anything from field trips for kids to new technology at school.”

All to help Frontenac students further their education.

Paul Hetsy is one of the founders of the scholarship foundation, his niece kay has seen the impact his scholarship foundation has had on young people in the town first hand.

“I’ve had three kids who have gotten that scholarship, twice a year, all four years, so it is amazing and it’s awesome…of course it impacted them financially, but it made them, wanna be a part of Festa, and payback.”

And for former Frontenac students like Gena Coomes, being back at the event that helped her through college is like coming full circle. 

“This is an opportunity for me to give back to the school and the way it helped provide tuition money every semester that you are attending college so this was a wonderful opportunity for my family and I to give back,” she said.