Federal charges pend for Oklahoma suspect

Federal Charges Pend For Oklahoma Suspect
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DELAWARE COUNTY, Okla. – Today, officers in Delaware County arrested a man with outstanding warrants involving stolen property; federal charges pend.

Cherokee Nation issued these warrants based upon ongoing investigations according to the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.

Search warrants lead to evidence

According to Sherrif James Beck, Gerald Starr, of Kansas, Oklahoma, became a person of interest earlier this month when he stole a $26,000 gooseneck trailer. Police searched his property at the time, but nothing was found.

After a second search warrant, the sheriff’s office states that authorities located an item of interest in Starr’s storage unit. They then alerted federal agencies.

According to the police, officers located the suspect in a stolen travel trailer at an RV park in Oklahoma following the third search warrant. Authorities then arrested Starr.

The investigation is currently ongoing.