Full steam ahead towards history with the Carona Train Depot

Corona Train Depot: Museum
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Corona Train Depot: Museum

SCAMMON, Ks - Jesse joins Larry Spahn, president of Heart of the Heartlands, at the Carona Train Depot to learn about his history with locomotives and what their train museum is all about.

Larry got his first toy train at just five years old and that put him on the rails towards his lifelong love of locomotives. 

Larry says nearly everyone in the southeast Kansas area has someone in their family who worked on the railroad.  Because of that, his main goal is preserving their memory and the legacy of their work for the public.

The collection of the museum is partly thanks to the community who will bring items from their families history to put on display.

They've actually collected so many bits and pieces of railroad history that they were forced to add on to the museu...twice, and now they gearing up to add on again.

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