Crash Course: Tips to capture a moment in photograph with Rion Huffman

Family Photos with Rion Huffman
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Family Photos with Rion Huffman

PITTSBURG, Kan - Rion Huffman from Pitt State University stops by for Crash Course to talk about how you can get the perfect family photos just in time for Thanksgiving.

The first tip Professor Huffman recommends is watching your exposure and your focus.  Your exposure dictates how much light gets into the camera lens, which will make your photos lighter if more light gets in and darker if less light get in.  With camera phones, it's easy to have your camera focus on the wrong subject during the photo taking process.  If the wrong thing is in focus, it can make the subject of the photo blurry or dark.

Most phones give you the ability to auto-focus.  By simply tapping your finger on the subject of the photo on your phone screen, your phone will focus on them rather than anything else.  It's alright if the background is a bit overexposed because the main focus is your subject.

Speaking of subjects and focus, you should make sure your photo has a clear focus on a single subject.  While it's alright to have multiple subjects in a photo, it's important your photo has a main subject.  

Finally, try to get candid photos of your subjects.  Candid photos capture real and true emotion as compared to someone posing for a photo.

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