Animal Safety: Microchipping your Pets

Animal Safety: Microchipping
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Animal Safety: Microchipping

Jesse Irwin went the to Columbus Veterinary Clinic to talk with Dr. Kurtis Gregory about the emergence and importance of microchipping your pets.

Microchips carry a magnetic code that can be read by a scanner.  The code contains a number that will tell doctors and other animal service employees who the animal's last owner was, their owner's address, and potentially, the owner's phone number.

Your local Veterinarian may add your animals information to their database, but Dr. Gregory stresses the importance of registering your pet on the national database.  This will give you the best chance of having a lost pet returned from you regardless of where they are found.

You can register your animal on the national database after it's been chipped by going online or calling the number provided.

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