FCC considers “broadband nutrition label” for internet providers

Fcc Considers Broadband Nutrition Label For Internet Providers
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The FCC considers a so-called “broadband nutrition label” for internet providers.

In 2016, the Federal Communications Commission launched a voluntary labeling program. It gave consumers information like prices, speeds and data caps.

Now, the FCC proposes that it should be mandatory for all wired internet providers and mobile carriers. They want consumers to better understand the internet service they buy, and also stop unexpected costs and fees.

The Commission posted a notice today, Jan. 27, 2022, with its plans to move forward.

Before the FCC can make this change, they have to get public feedback on the proposal for 30 days. They’re looking for feedback on how consumers evaluate broadband service plans. They also want to know if new guidance is needed on how labels are displayed.

FCC-22-7A1 NOTICE OF PROPOSED RULEMAKING on Broadband Nutrition Labels