Father-son pair in Parsons say “I love you” in a new way

If you're already tired of 2020, then you and Elliot Roach are on the same page.

If you’re a parent in the 21st century, then you’ve probably had your phone taken by one of your kids.

A man in Parsons had this happen to him – his son snagged his phone earlier this week – and connected with his dad in a way he never imagined.

Watch Seth & Elliot’s original video below

Because many of us, the first half of 2020 is driving six-year-old Elliot Roach crazy.

“Elliot borrowed my phone,” says his father, Seth, “and maybe you were tired of school that day, and Elliot needed to blow off a little steam, so he recorded some videos releasing that steam quite loudly.”

Yet when his dad picked up his phone and found the clips, he didn’t go yell at Elliot or delete them.

“Later I saw the videos and I thought, well these are entertaining. I also wanna show these videos to my family or something, they’d get a weird kick out of it. Then I thought, well, maybe we could add something to it.”

Seth happens to be a music teacher at Labette Community College and Service Valley Charter Academy in Parsons, so he joined Elliot the best way he knows how.

“What did you think about your videos when I added music to them?

Elliot quickly responded, “I liked it!”

With Father’s Day coming up next weekend, it’s a fun reminder that technology can also bring a family closer together.

“It’s really easy, in my experience as a parent, to get kind of caught up in your work or non-family activities, and I’m guilty of family neglect,” reflects Elliot’s dad.

“So when an opportunity might present itself to make a weird video, it seemed like an opportunity where Elliot and I could come together. He made something and I can make something and we can put those two things together and we can have a little adventure.”

…and scream “i love you” in a father-son kind of way.