Father of Parsons shooting victim speaks out

Father thinks law enforcement could have done more

The investigation continues into the shooting of Joshua Bode — and the murder-suicide that left a seven-year-old dead.

Police say Zachary Castorena shot both of them before shooting himself.

Now, Bode’s father is speaking out.

“He might not be able to work anymore. He might not be able to drive anymore.. and I honestly believe that it could have been prevented,” says John Bode, Joshua Bode’s father. “There’s got to be a way to get better.. when the red flags are up, there’s got to be a better protocol to prevent this.”

John says his son may never be the same again.

Joshua has to undergo brain surgery and then a long road to recovery after that.

“His life is permanently changed. It’s never gonna go back to the way it was. And he’s gonna have a lot of anger issues, and he’s gonna have a long road,” explains John. “I hope he pulls through.”

John says on Friday night, Castorena threatened Josh with a gun at Ballers bar and grill.

He says that Josh filed a police report on Friday night and again on Saturday morning.

“I’m really mad at the Parsons police department because Josh went out of his way, his friends made sure that he made the report,” says John. “I know they can’t protect everybody, you know… but did they pick him up Saturday to talk to him or Sunday? I don’t think so, and it could have been prevented.”

Koam talked with detective Kyle Wiford who confirmed that Bode tried to make a report on Friday night, but he was too intoxicated.

He returned on Saturday morning and filed an official report.

Wiford says the department did try to find Castorena on both Friday night and Saturday but were unsuccessful.

“The officers made multiple attempts to try and contact and locate Mr. Castorena with the information they had at hand,” explains Wiford. “I know that they were trying to follow up to ascertain any physical evidence such as the footage from the bar, just to corroborate the initial report. Up until that Sunday during that day shift, they were still trying to locate Mr. Castorena.”

Bode thinks Castorena dealt with depression.

And with that in mind, he wants those dealing with depression to seek help.

“If you are dealing with depression, you’ve gonna seek services. There are services out there that can help you,” says Bode.

Wiford says they have now interviewed Castorena’s wife Victoria and other members of the family, but can’t talk about the content of those interviews.

There is a celebration of life memorial for Lizzy Castorena, the seven-year-old that was killed, scheduled for Friday the 4th at 5 pm in Parsons’ Forest Park.


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