Father is charged with child endangerment in Allen County

A father faces charges after authorities say they found his 4-year-old home alone and locked in his bedroom.

Blayke Reynolds, 22, appeared in court this afternoon. The Prosecutor’s Office has charged him with aggravated child endangerment, criminal restraint and contributing to a child’s misconduct.

According to the Allen County Sheriff’s Office, on November 4th, a neighbor alerted authorities to a 4-year-old child banging on a bedroom window and asking for someone to unlock his door. Iola Police Officers went to the home just outside city limits. When they got inside, they found the child locked in a bedroom.

Authorities say the room the child was locked in had an overwhelming odor of ammonia. They also saw human waste on the floor.

The child’s father, Reynolds, was supposed to have temporary care and custody of the child, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Authorities say they found him at work just over an hour away.

Deputies say they spoke with the mother. She claimed a similar situation to this had happened in the past.

KOAM spoke with the child’s mother, Taylor Lamons. She says Blayke did not have custody of the child. She says he had visitation every other weekend, but kept him on the Monday of the incident because he picked up the child a day late.

Taylor says she received the call from police that Monday and has had her son with her since.

Taylor says she lives only 10 minutes away and feels like Blayke could have found a babysitter for the child. She said Blayke has family members near that could have watched the child.

She told KOAM there is no excuse for this to have happened at all. Lamons says that around this time last year a similar situation happened where she tried to fight it in court, but it was dismissed.

She says the boy is physically okay but has to go to therapy to understand what happened to him.

Reynolds was assigned a public defender in court this afternoon. His next hearing is on January 8th.


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