Father Appreciates Assistance from Toybox

Father Appreciates Assistance from Toybox

In Joplin eight hundred sixteen children are registered this year to get toys from the Salvation Army. The KOAM Toybox Campaign helps fix those requests. This is your chance to make a big difference in family’s lives. Especially the children.

Joseph Head made cereal for his three kids this morning all who are home from school with the flu. But home for the Head family is the Salvation Army’s Center of Hope.

Head said, “It’s been a pretty rough road but this has been a blessing here. I lost my house back in May of this year. They decided to give me a chance here and they’ve been helping me stay sober. It’s a structured environment that’s a positive outlook on my family’s life right now.”
He’s hoping to have a home and a job by Christmas. But the former machinist is currently unemployed.
Head said, “Right now, I don’t have income to support. Salvation Army’s being great but just a little bit more help is just another blessing in our life.”

He has registered his children for gifts. Something he’s had to do before. And he was grateful. Head said, “It was great. It came at a time, especially when, in the line of work I was in, we would get laid off around the holidays, so. “Staffers say this year the Salvation Army will help eight hundred sixteen kids, hoping to lift their spirits.

Emergency case worker Debra Gaskill explained, “Just by us providing a little bit of that, that one day, let’s have a great day and not think about all the troubles and everything.”

But Gaskill said it’s a team effort and even though donations are arriving at the Salvation Army. Many more are needed with help from the community. “That’s the only way we’re able to do this. Eight hundred sixteen kids that’s a lot of families to buy toys for and we try to make sure that every kids gets at least three gifts under the tree. That’s a lot of gifts. There’s no way we can do that on our own. So community is very much appreciated.”

Head agreed completely, “Yes, it was a blessing at Christmas cause they actually had something to open so. And that’s all I do on Christmas is sit back and film them opening their gifts.”