Fatal shooting sparks Joplin police protest


On Sunday, protesters made their voices heard in front of Joplin police headquarters. They were calling for reform and increased mental health training for officers.

The protesters were motivated by the officer involved shooting death of 31-year-old David Ingle. Body cam footage shows 2 officers responding to a screaming Ingle back in August.

Both officers tazed Ingle, and one of them shot him after he charged them. Ingle later died from his injuries.

While an investigation by the Missouri Highway Patrol and Joplin Police cleared the officers, protesters who have seen the footage say the situation could have been resolved differently.

“It doesn’t look like the situation was assessed at all by any of the police officers. Towards the end of the video when David was fatally shot, in the video it looked more like that was the only conflict resolution (the firing officer) was looking for,” said protester Joshua Lockwood.

Many of the protesters had signs calling Ingle’s killing a murder by a Joplin police officer. They want peaceful conflict resolution to be a bigger priority for Joplin police.