Family reacts to New Years Eve hit and run with a semi-truck on I-44

The only description they have is that it is a white box 18-wheeler.

JOPLIN, Mo. – On New Year’s Eve the Mitchell family was on their way home to Miami.

But at 7:55 P.M. as they drove west on I-44, just passing the 32nd street bridge in Joplin, they were involved in a hit and run with a semi-truck.

“He sped up beside us and I went to slow down to let him around us and he didn’t give blinker or anything he just took and instead of just gradually going into it he just flipped it sideways pretty much and just threw us into the side of his trailer. And we wound up on our side on two wheels sliding across the highway instead of driving straight.” said Chris Mitchell.

The only description they have is that it is a white box 18-wheeler.

Chris Mitchell was driving that night with his pregnant wife in the passenger seat and his 5-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter in the back.

“I was worried that we were going to roll, and I wouldn’t have my kids or my wife.”

Luckily, no one was injured physically, but mentally they are shaken.

“He came up right beside us and just flipped into our lane, didn’t care. It was almost like he was angry, like he wanted road rage, he was aggravated or something or another and just did not care that we were there. We were in his way and he wanted us out of his way” added Chris.

Chris’s mother-in-law was in the car behind them when the hit and run happened.

“Your worst nightmare is coming across your kids in a wreck but watching your children bounce off the side of a truck is more petrifying. And to see your sons-in-law face as your heading to the side of their truck trying to stop while sliding…that’s going to be my worst nightmare of all” said Patricia Harrington.

Patricia says they wish someone had helped them as little information is known about the truck as it fled the scene.

“Everybody behind us saw this and no one bothered to stop, no one bothered to call 911, they didn’t know if someone was dead or alive in the truck. But the one-point I want to get across is if you see a wreck and do not want to stop, it is cold, it’s rainy I understand that, but everybody has cell phones. If someone had called and given a description, a tag number, any of that, they at least would be able to get this guy off the road.”

The family is using social media to spread driving safety awareness and to hopefully find any information on the truck that hit them.

“Watch what you do and don’t be negligent, just pay attention semi drivers, just pay attention, because that’s my livelihood, my family, my children, my wife” added Chris.

They are asking if anyone witnessed the wreck and has dashcam footage or has any information on the semi-truck to contact them or the Joplin Police Department.