Family of fatal shooting victim speaks about their loved one

Jessica Peristy tells us about Sarah Tyminski
Family of fatal shooting victim speaks about their loved one
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Jessica Peristy, Sarah’s sister:”It’s not fair. She didn’t do anything to deserve this.”

Jessica Peristy is still in shock.

Peristy:”I kinda still don’t believe that it’s real.”

Sarah Tyminski — Peristy’s younger sister — was killed in a fatal shooting in Newton County on Monday.

Peristy:”She was taken way too soon. She was so young and she was such a good person. Such a good mom. Such a good friend.. such a good person all the way around.”

Peristy says Rickey Lamb — the father of Chris Lamb — Sarah’s boyfriend — would watch their kids Rylee and Kaylee until they could get on their feet.

Authorities say an argument over who should have the kids led to a shooting — that killed Sarah.

Peristy:”She was doing really good. Really happy with her job. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t think that she’d be gone.”

She says Sarah was a great person, sister and daughter.. and her devotion for her daughters was unmatched.

Peristy:”We took the girls down to the creek and go swimming, or we’d do a barbeque with the girls. She lived her life based around those kids. They were the reason she got up every morning. Her reason for breathing. Her girls don’t even know yet, so I’m really worried about them.”

Now, Peristy and their mother Mary Ccurtis want people to know what kind of person sarah was.

Peristy:”My mom just didn’t want her to be another statistic. Sshe was a good person. a hard worker and a great mom, and what was done to her wasn’t right. She didn’t do anything to deserve that.”

Mary Curtis has set up a GoFundMe account for expenses.

A link to the page can be found here.