Families in Briarbrook decide to reconnect in a socially-distanced fashion

CARL JUNCTION, Mo. – With all the concern with COVID-19, one local neighborhood decided to take advantage of the nice weather and hit the streets.

In order to remain socially distanced, we’re making sure we don’t get too close to the folks while they’re out having a good time so we’re having them give us a call, and that’s why you’re going to see this story’s just a little bit different than what we usually bring you, but we’re wanting to be safe at the same time, so, let’s hit the neighborhood and see what’s going on and see how these people are handling the quarantine and COVID-19 and this whole situation on a such a beautiful day.

Bryan Shallenburger says “I was going on a walk the other day and I thought man, it’d be nice if everybody was out so I could wave and see everybody.”

Bryan Shallenburger is the man behind the ‘Briarbrook Parade’. It wasn’t an actual ‘parade’ with bands and floats, it was a parade of neighbors, walking, riding, biking, jogging, just getting out to see each other again, some for the first time in several days. Randi Offutt says “It’s very important so that way everyone can see that we’re actually doing okay, the community, that we’re not going crazy, that you know, maybe figure out where the toilet paper is, we don’t know, we’ll figure those things out, and it’s just a sense of everyone being happy and not feeling so stir crazy.”

Even the kiddos were out and about, so we asked nine-year-old Sophia Carrier how being cooped up at home was going. “Really…bad…because…I miss school because I have a lot of friends there and I don’t get to see them, but some of them I call.”

And her friend, nine-year-old Kynlee Thomas, has had a similar experience. “Terrible. Horrible.”

As for why it’s been so bad for Kynlee…”Cuz all I can do is eat food, and be bored all the time.”

Despite all the school closures and being trapped inside, in the end the most important thing is that you take care of yourself.

The folks in Briarbrook are hopeful others will see their social distancing parade and get out and try something similar.