Fall gardening tips from In The Garden

PITTSBURG, Kan. – It’s fall and that means a transitioning process for your garden. KOAM spoke to John Harrison, the owner of In The Garden located in Pittsburg, Kansas, about fall gardening. He had a few tips for us.

In The Garden Tip 1

Now is the best time to plant trees. Harrison says it’s because the most stressful time for a tree is the summer due to its small root ball. Now, the tree can grow the root ball without the stress of the summer heat.

Tip 2

Compost your soil now and allow the worms to come up and eat. This will help prepare the soil for your food gardens in the fall. You should also till the land and put down compost. If you can afford it, use organic compost or make your own with grounded up leaves, straw, and other things the worms can eat.

“You can use leaves, you can use grass clippings, you use straw, but you want to use a mixture. You want different stuff in there because you will have different nutrients by doing that. As these microorganisms and worms feed on this stuff they break it down so that plants can use it,” says Harrison.

In The Garden Tip 3

Plant turnips. They are an old-world way of putting nitrogen back in the soil.

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