Faith-based schools in Joplin feeling the pinch of COVID on funding

JOPLIN, Mo. – COVID-19 is having an effect on faith-based schools in Joplin and their funding.

Martin Luther School is asking for donations to help offset the lack of fundraisers due to COVID. They’re seeking $50,000 in donations to help with the upcoming year, and say they’ve already received around $5,000. The Joplin Area Catholic Schools say they’re okay for now, but available funding has been down.

Sister Julie Brandt says “We have not had to make any cuts, certainly the PPP funding that we received back in the spring helped us to pay staff members and not have to cut into reserves at that time, so, we are in pretty good standing but certainly if this continues on there may be challenges that we face down the road.”

Sister Brandt says they did receive a generous donation to help provide COVID scholarships to students and their families.