Fair-goers reminisce as the Ottawa County Fair celebrates 100th year

1956 model truck and photos on display from past

Rockne Maxson has been coming to the Ottawa County Fair since 1970. He has seen it grow over the years.

“It’s amazing that it’s just gotten better every year as far as they keep improving the facilities and the support for the premium auction stays solid and it’s just a great county atmosphere of everyone coming together.”

The fair first started in 1916 but had a three-year gap period after because of War, which is why 2019 is the celebration of its 100th year.

“I feel old, I’ve been part of it for 40 something years, but it’s great that its continued to thrive and gotten better every year” added Maxson.

Fair Board President, Jeff Reynolds says they have tried to keep remnants of years past alive for the 100th celebration.

“Our old barn was here built by WPA years and years ago. We put the binding up on the end of the building that reflects back to what was on those barns years and years ago, you know try to make it back to the old style so to speak like it was before.”

They also had a 1956 model truck on display that was Wyandotte’s F-F-A truck back in the day.

“To me, that just adds to the centennial fair, you could bring something in that old, you can bring those older generations memories back to them” added Reynolds.

The 100th year celebration is 7 days long and full of livestock shows and competitions. Reynolds says the fair will continue to get better and better.

“It’s changed so much from 20 years ago to now, it’s just you know, we keep trying to make the fair better, different things different contests, just try to keep advancing. We don’t want to just be happy where we’re at, we want to keep getting better.”

“It’s just been a wonderful experience in my life, and I love coming every year” added Maxson.
The Fair’s carnival rides have begun and that along with the rest of the fair will continue until Saturday night.


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