Fair Acres Family YMCA Swim Team raises $10,000 for coach suffering from spinal injury

The injury left her unable to enjoy the sport she loves.
Swim Coach Check

CARTHAGE, Mo. – Cherie Woody is a volunteer and swim coach at the YMCA in Carthage.

But while enjoying a summer day, she dove into a pool, unaware of how shallow it really was and in an instant her life changed.

“It was just a wrong angle and I should have known better and it was a freak accident and I broke my C4 C5, vertebrae which means I broke my neck” said Woody.

The injury left her unable to enjoy the sport she loves.

“It’s just hard to accept in general and then to think that you’re not going to be able to do your passion, what drives you, what fuels your fire every single day like I would be at the Y five days a week for swim and basketball season” added Woody.

Her injury requires multiple visits a week to the hospital for therapy and it’s not cheap.

So her swimmers decided they were going to help out.

“Swim team members which are typically 2nd grade through 12th grade along with their parents and swim coaches received pledges, sort of like a walk-a-thon except a swim-a-thon. So however many laps they made, they raised money so collectively as a group they raised $10,000” said CEO of Fair Acres Family Y, Jonathan Roberts.

A check for $10,000 was presented to Cherie at the annual CatTracks National Swim Meet.

“It really just shows you not only the support we have for our own and our neighbors but it also shows the youth how they respect and understand the power they have and what they can accomplish” said Roberts.

“This community really and more than just this community really stepped up to help Cherie out and I think it helped them feel like they’re doing something good in the world too” added Head Swim Coach, Lyman Burr.

“That’s more than anybody has, they worked their tails off for that and it just shows the love that we have for each other” said Cherie.

The money raised will go towards Cherie’s medical expenses.

A surprise that is still sinking in.

“I just can’t believe that anybody would come together as a unit and raise money like this it’s actually unfathomable.”

Cherie is working everyday determined to walk again.