Facebook outage affects local small business owners

LAMAR, Mo.–“It was just kind of shocking and a little bit stressful because we didn’t have a way to communicate with our customers.”

That was business owner Mariah smith’s initial reaction to noticing facebook was down on Monday.

Facebook along with Instagram and What’s app was down for several hours.

Smith wasn’t the only business owner affected by the outage, the Tea Shirt Shoppee in Lamar which also uses Facebook as a major way to advertise says they felt a similar strain.

“We schedule all of our posts daily, and we also have advertising that we’re paying for. and so when you’re fully invested like that, you expect things to work so, absolutely frustrated,” said Lori Brenneman, owner of the Tea Shirt Shoppe in Lamar.  

Brenneman says just a few hours that Facebook was down had an effect on business. 

“So ninety percent of our sales are online, and so on a day like that, we are probably gonna lose…we probably lost forty to fifty percent of our web clicks.”

She says they’re only just starting to feel the effects.

“Probably gonna see more of fallout later in the week as we go…our conversions and things are down from last week. We’re down by like twenty-four thousand views.”

But for a business that operates almost completely through Facebook, the website being down had larger effects.  

“We are strictly an online boutique…so we rely solely on Facebook,” said Mariah Smith, co-owner of the Wild Rose Boutique

Smith says she saw her sales affected by the outage. 

“We do live sales on Facebook, and we post products daily, so during the Facebook outage we weren’t able to do either of those things.”

Both businesses say they’re just trying to recover from sales lost during the outage.