Extreme cold posing a danger to pets

JOPLIN, Mo. – This brutal weather is making it dangerous for anyone outside, especially pets who cannot handle the cold.

As temperatures continue to drop and snow continues to fall, going outside isn’t the best idea, and it’s even worse for your pets. Andy Logan, kennel manager at the Joplin Humane Society says your pets shouldn’t be out unless absolutely necessary.

“Anyway possible to keep your animal inside right now, it is for the best,” said Logan. “It is just going to get colder as the days go on”

It’s not just the cold weather that could harm your animal, Logan says things like clearing ice from driveways can cause bad news for your furry friends.

“Salt and anything that melts ice, any sort of chemicals you’re using to melt the ice, keep your driveway clear of ice,” said Logan. “Any of that kind of stuff is harmful for your pets paws. If they’re laying outside on pavement that’s been treated, definitely wipe their paws immediately when you get inside.”

He says these chemicals can really do some damage.

Logan continued, “It can cause a lot of chemical burns. It could be very very detrimental to the pads of their feet. It could get up in between the pads of their feet and cause irritation, and they would have to be seen by a vet if that happened.”

Although if you must keep your pets out, they need proper shelter.

“They need to have a shelter to where they can get in out of this cold, and if it has a door on it,” says Logan. “It needs to be covered someway, like a sheet or blanket covering the door to where the wind isn’t gonna get in.”

Logan says he’s thankful they haven’t needed to handle any serious situations with animals yet, but if you know of an animal being neglected reach out.

The Joplin Humane Society says most pets aren’t made for this cold weather, and pet owners should help them out as much as possible.