Experts Warn of Dating App Scams Ahead of Valentine’s Day

Experts Warn of Dating App Scams Ahead of Valentine’s Day

The focus is on love this week and more and more people seem to be finding it, or at least trying to, on dating websites and apps. But experts warn of potential dangers.
Many are finding the way to someone’s heart through their fingers.
“It shows their age, how far away they are, you can make a bio, things they like on Facebook, common friends,” Pitt State student Anna-Maria Hernandez says of Tinder.
According to the Pew Research Center, the number of people ages 18 to 24 using dating apps has tripled since 2013.
Hernandez says many of her friends use Tinder to find dates.
“They go on their dates and say wow that was pretty fun and hang out with them normally,” Hernandez says.
But she says she never goes out with strangers she’s talked to on Tinder and is cautious about the information she’ll give out.
“I’m not a big fan of giving out my number but I’ll give out my snapchat,” she says.
And she’s right to play it safe. Experts say some use dating apps to earn people’s trust only to scam them.
“Some of the dangers are for their identity to be stolen, for instance for them to share credit card information, for them to share where they live, what type of car they drive and before they know it that identify has been replicated by someone else,” says Alex del Carmen, a safety prevention expert.
Users should make sure parts of their profile don’t give away information they’re not willing to share.
“Sometimes when people take selfies they have in the back drop the address of where they live, restaurants that they frequent,” says del Carmen.
Pitt State student Kelly Talley says she was mindful about what she shared with people she talked to online, meeting in a neutral and safe place when she did decide to go on a date.
“He seemed like a really nice fit so we met and we got along we had a great date together and we’ve been together ever since and now we have a 19 month old son together,” says Talley.
With more and more people using technology to start relationships, you never know who you’ll meet.