Expansive trail plan to connect Allen, Bourbon and Crawford counties

ABC Trails plan announced

A new trail plan to connect three southeast Kansas counties was announced at the Bourbon County Courthouse.

The ABC Trails plan will use new and existing trails to create a connecting system between Allen, Bourbon, and Crawford counties.

Officials say it’s the first comprehensive trail plan involving three counties to come to rural Kansas.

Jody Hoener, Bourbon County Economic Development Director: “It will have an impact on our property values, our retail sales, our tourism, it’ll certainly increase and better our quality of life as well. To be the ones that are doing this for the first time and modeling this kind of work is really exciting.”

They also announced the community members that will sit on the committee for the plan.. one of them was Fort Scott High Student Brian Griffin.

Brian Griffin, ABC Trails committee member, “I am super excited. I’ve seen it happen in northwest Arkansas, up in Colorado, and it just.. it seems like such a great place and way to start getting communities back together. Yeah, I’m super excited about it.”

The plan is paid for in part by a 24 thousand dollar grant from the Sunflower Foundation.