Exotic pet, part of a petting zoo, missing from Carthage home

A Carthage woman is searching for Bonnie, a Caviidae that’s not only part of their petting zoo, but part of their family.

Kalaya Miller says Bonnie went missing from her home on the 1600 block of Sophia Street in Carthage in late October. The Millers got Bonnie and her mate, Mr. Rogers, in July. They are a part of the Rockabilly Party Pony petting zoo in Mt. Vernon, which is owned by Miller’s parents.

Miller says Caviidaes act just like any other house pet, comparing it to having big guinea pigs.

Caviidaes mate for life, according to Miller. She says Mr. Rogers has been missing Bonnie so much that he lost weight and wouldn’t eat much for a few days. His weight is leveling out, but they put a sweater on him to help keep him warm.

If you find Bonnie, Miller asks that you don’t chase her because she’ll run from anyone that tries to catch her. Instead, she asks that you call her immediately at 417-310-3842.


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