Event brings together Northeast Oklahoma community, business and civic leaders

The Northeast Oklahoma Regional Alliance, or NORA, hosted a get together event in Miami on Wednesday.

Community, business, and civic leaders were invited to the event at Miami’s historic Coleman Theatre.

The meeting was to let people know about the collaborative effort of NORA and to reach out socially.

The organization focuses on 14 different rural areas throughout Northeast Oklahoma and spreads the word about each area’s social and economic environments and push for changes.

They hope to collaboratively make the region a better place to live and work.

“Every county is trying to do their own thing and every city is trying to do their own thing and we’re not trying to stop that, we’re just saying if we could combine two or three counties and maybe six towns and cities, that we’ll have more leadership, more impotence, more ability to prosper,” says Jim Wilson, the chairman of the NORA board.