Etiquette Expert shares tips and tricks for handling changes to Thanksgiving plans this year

Sticking with five simple rules to enjoy the holiday during unprecedented times
Thanksgiving Tipss

KOAM NEWS, – Thanksgiving has been a huge holiday for Elizabeth Tincknell’s family for the past 50 years.

“Our Thanksgiving is never just a one day Thanksgiving, it was a week, because we would have house guests and dinner guests so we’ve done this for long and it was our big family holiday and actually when our children married they told their spouses they would give up Christmas every year, but they wanted Thanksgiving at home.”

But this year they have made the decision to cancel their Thanksgiving gathering because of the pandemic.

“Now we have between children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, 6 different households that would be represented and it was just too much risk involved.”

She says communicating this decision was quite easy with her family as they all were open about their concerns.

“It was difficult for each of us to tell the others we needed to do it, but I think individually we all knew it, which I think made it easier because I didn’t have anyone say but grandma! We were all in agreement.”

But it may not be easy for some.

Etiquette Expert, and Author of 8 books on presence and branding, Valerie Sokolosky, gave some advice on how to handle changes to Thanksgiving plans this year. Whether you are hosting a gathering…

“The hostess needs to remember she is the hostess, and she can easily and graciously set the ground rules, even if it’s family and particularly if its anyone other than family. Just say this is a very special time this year and ahead of time I’d like to make some clarity on how we will handle our Thanksgiving in a beautiful way and in a safe way.”

But also, what to do if you have concerns as a guest…

“I would say to the guest ahead of time to call or send an email to the hostess and say I’m very sensitive to what the ground rules may be. I want to be appropriate in how I show up so we can all enjoy this beautiful meal you have planned, so please tell me what to expect and how I can best support you.”

Sticking with five simple rules to enjoy the holiday during unprecedented times.

“Stay gracious, have a good attitude, be respectful and do everything you can within yourself to not take things personally and to show up with a strong presence​.”

The CDC has also released steps to take for a safe thanksgiving whether you are hosting or attending a gathering.

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Cdc Thanksgiving