Essential Air Designation keeps Joplin flying with American Airlines

JOPLIN, Mo. – The Joplin Regional Airport remains flying with American Airlines thanks to an essential air designation.

In a news article shared by Simple Flying, American Airlines had first threatened to cut 30 smaller towns across the country from its network as the aid part of the CARES package ends on Sept. 30.

Later, American Airlines announced it would no longer serve 15 airports.

Now, the carrier will be holding off on dropping Joplin and Roswell, New Mexico.

Because Joplin is considered an “Essential Air Service” (EAS) by the Department of Transportation, American Airlines will keep flying to and from Dallas.

According to Simple Flying, EAS regulations date back to 1978 providing government subsidies for smaller cities that may not otherwise be profitable enough to support an airline, helping to ensure a minimal level of flight connections.