ESPN comes to Liberal to celebrate Brooke Bearden

Sportscenter renovates softball diamond

ESPN anchor John Anderson welcomed Brooke Bearden into a packed high school gym live Thursday morning on SportsCenter to celebrate Brooke’s spirit and perseverance. Brooke was selected to be a part of SportsCenter Top 10 Day.

“What the community has given in love and support and caring is invaluable, and I think that’s what’s made it all the difference. Softball is a nice reminder, but it’s not a difference maker. The people here are difference makers,” says Anderson.

Brooke returned to the field in April, just 6 months after suffering a massive stroke at the age of 17. In that game against Diamond, Brooke caught the first pitch from her friend, Mallory Gazaway, and scored a run.

In honor of Brooke, SportsCenter revamped the softball diamond, complete with a new scoreboard and fences that bear her name.

“All that stuff is just tremendous that they would actually take the time to come to Liberal, Missouri and do all that for us,” says Liberal head softball coach B.J. Goodell.

Even from thousands of miles away, Brooke’s story continues to inspire.

“To be a part of that and tell a little bit of that story is really, really rewarding. And I wouldn’t trade it. I have a lot of good days at work and this is the best,” adds Anderson.


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