ESC kicks off fundraiser for Joplin Bungalows furniture

Fully furnishing to cost more than 80 thousand
ESC kicks off fundraiser for Joplin Bungalows furniture
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The Joplin Bungalows — a project featuring 20 studio and single bedroom apartments for under-served seniors and veterans– are under construction at the corner of 26th and McCoy.

Debbie Markman, Economic Security Corporation: “We’re really excited about being able to house homeless vets in our area. And because of that we decided that we wanted to fully furnish our homes that we have.”

That includes a bed, dressers, tables, chairs, TV and everything in between.

Multiplying that times 20 will cost more than 83 thousand dollars.

A number they hope to come up with through a fundraiser.

But why do they need to raise funds when they recieved more than 4 million in CDBG funding for the project?

Markman: “It is a little confusing. The funds that we received through the community development block grant, those are for what they would consider “bricks and mortar.” So, that’s your building, and that’s great, but our dream for this is project has always been to have that fully furnished home. And with that means that we’ll have to reach into our community.”

The campaign continues until Veterans day, on November 11th.

Markman says construction is pretty much on time.. dispite the recent rain.

Markman: “Five of the pads are poured for all the buildings, so that was really exciting. With all the rain that’s kind of been a challenge to get the concrete poured. Expect to see the framing on these homes to start to go up. So, I think it’s exciting to be able to see the the by fours come up and the framing of these homes.”

Markman hopes construction is complete and tenants into apartments furnished by the community by February.

The Joplin Bungalows are set to open in March of 2020.

If you would like to donate, follow this link.


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