Employees React to Scholastic Renewed Lease Through 2022 in Neosho

Employees React to Scholastic Renewed Lease Through 2022 in Neosho

Scholastic books is extending its lease for its Neosho facility through 2022.
Employees are thrilled as are teachers who say scholastic brings more than just jobs to the Neosho area community.

Second graders dove into brand new books Wednesday, donated to the Neosho school district by Scholastic.

Second grade teacher Rebekah Griffith said, “I ‘ ve added eighty right now, but my cohort is going to get more right now, so I ‘ m gonna have like a total of two hundred added just this week. So, that ‘ s amazing.”

Assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, Rebecca Sears added, “A lot of times teachers will buy books for classrooms libraries out of their own pocket. And this saves them an incredible amount of money. We want our teachers to have at least four hundred books in their classroom library and that ‘ s a large amount. ”

More than ten thousand books were given by the company that is calling Neosho home through the year 2022 with an extended lease of a spec building constructed by Grow Neosho, previously known as the Neosho Area Business and Industrial Foundation (NABIFI).

The extension is welcome news to the ears of Scholastic employees.
April Counts, who ‘ s worked at Scholastic eleven years said, “That ‘ s good. That ‘ s job security for another six years, so we’re really happy about that.”

Gabrielle Smith, a six year veteran employee said, ” Definitely, because we know we’re not going anywhere. We have security in our job. The more I work here, the more like it. It ‘ s like a big family here. I really love working here.”

Another employee, Jessica Dalton said, “The pay is amazing. The company is amazing in every way. There ‘ s so many pros. I just love the people that work here. They make the job, I think.”

Grow Neosho says it was important to keep the company that offers flexible hours. Grow Neosho, CEO Mike Franks said, “We have a lot of people who can work part time on the schedule they need, can go to school, take care of families. That ‘ s the type of employer that really that can add to a community.”

Scholastic employee Cassie Mcclendon said for her it ‘ s about the hours because she has young kids. “I ‘ m at work while they’re at school. I can still pick them up, drop them off, still do what I have to do as a mommy . ”

Scholastic moved into the spec building back in 2008 when a flood hit its Harmony street location. Now it ‘ s allowed for growth and adding employees.”

Scholastic Service Center director Deanna Smithey said, “We extended five thousand square feet in 2008 so that gave us additional space that we were able to grow. Right now we ‘ re at our peak and so we have about five hundred agents. We just went through hiring about three hundred seasonal agents.”

But it ‘ s a company connected to the community by more than just jobs.
Smithey said, “We’re able to get books into the hands of kids and that ‘ s what we’re about.”

Grow Neosho has a second spec building that’s currently occupied by Missouri Sugars which has about forty employees.