Emergency Workers Keeping You Safe This Black Friday, But How Can You Keep Them Safe?

Emergency Workers Keeping You Safe This Black Friday, But How Can You Keep Them Safe?

Police in Joplin will *also* have a stronger presence over the next chunk of days.
Particularly tomorrow night and into Black Friday when the roads will be consumed with shoppers.
First responders will *also* be on alert.
Firefighter Kolby Tucker: “It gets difficult when people don’t pull over to the right.”
That pretty much sums up the mindset of any emergency responder, but it rings especially true this holiday season.
Joplin Police Department Captain Trevor Duncan: “We come up with plans on what days we’re going to have what officers and what time frames and what areas of town they’re focusing on and things like that.”
The police crack down, and move in – making sure you stay safe, then, if the unthinkable happens, the fire department has to push through…
Tucker: “We have to know where it’s at, if I can go an alternate route so i can stay off Range Line so we can get there quicker, so there’s a lot of pre-planning that goes in.”
After pre-planning the load up and head out to the emergency.
But, they get stuck in this a different kind of emergency.
Tucker: “There are a lot of extra dangers, a lot of inexperienced drivers, that’s probably the main one, or people don’t know the rules of the road, or working around emergency vehicles.”
Back over at JPD – they’ve got officers out providing traffic control — and stepping up patrols.
Duncan: “The other goal will be officers out focusing on DWIs and impaired driving throughout the city.”
Lastly, if you are one of the thousands that will fill this already full road for those exciting sales and bargains, Kolby Tucker has one last thing that *every* driver needs to know…
Tucker: “If you’re in the middle lane and that’s as far as you can pull over, stop right there, a lot of people will pull to the left, don’t do it, pull as far to the right and just stop and we will find a way around you.”
Simple steps to have a simply safe holiday.
Captain Duncan told us more officers are out on the road now…and it’ll be that way through Sunday.