Emergency Water Conservation status activated in Fredonia

The City of Fredonia, Kansas is now under an Emergency Water Conservation Status (May 23, 9:00 am).

The status means that officials are asking all residents to conserve water: no washing of vehicles, laundry, filling swimming pools, or any means of excess usage.

The City has had to shut down all carwashes, the laundry mat, and are asking all restaurants to
conserve by using paper plates and plastic ware. The City has also asked all of its industrial customers to conserve as well. Violators caught not conserving water will be warned the first time and cited for additional violations.

Officials say the City is and will be continuing to provide high quality drinking water to its customers. If for any reason the City’s water status changes, the City will immediately notify customers.

“The City and our community as a whole appreciates each and every effort you all make to conserve our precious water resource at this time,” Kelley Zellner, Fredonia City Administrator.