Emaciated dog found in locked cage in dumpster in Wichita

The dog, which initially was thought to be a puppy, is actually around 2 years old.

WICHITA, Ks. – Authorities say an emaciated dog was rescued after being found in a locked kennel that was thrown in an apartment dumpster in Kansas.

Lt. Brian Sigman, the Wichita Animal Control commander, said surveillance video obtained Thursday shows two suspects putting the male pit bull mix in the dumpster around 7:15 p.m. Wednesday. A good Samaritan found the dog later that night and took it to an emergency veterinarian for treatment. Investigators are following up on information gleaned from the video.

Sigman said the dog, which initially was thought to be a puppy, is actually around 2 years old. He weighs just over 20 pounds (9 kilograms), less than half the amount a dog of his size should weigh. But the good news is that his bodily functions are operating like they should, Sigman said.

“He basically has been starved,” Sigman said. “He doesn’t have worms. The only thing that led to this is someone not feeding him over an extended period. It stunted his growth.”

The Wichita Animal Action League, which is raising money for the dog’s care, said in a Facebook post that the dog is “eating food as fast as it’s put in front of him.” The post said the dog is dehydrated and will need slow, small meals over a long period of time because feeding him too quickly could be dangerous. It will likely be six months before he is eligible for adoption, the group said.

The post described the dog as “very sweet and loving.” Video posted online shows the dog, with its ribs protruding, snuggling with a rescue volunteer.