Elevator issues causing concern at Joplin’s Messenger Towers

One elevator has been repaired after both were out

Residents at Joplin’s Messenger Towers have been unable to get from floor-to-floor, at least by elevator, as both of them have been out of service.

Letitia Link has lived in Messenger Towers for 13 years. She says she knows it’s an older building, and like any older place, it’s had issues over the years, but, recently, a big one has developed. Link says “I guess about 5 years ago, the elevators really started giving problems, and seemed like always, one of them was down.”

She says she was out shopping when both elevators went down, and when she returned, she had to climb the stairs – up to her 11th floor apartment, where she hasn’t left, for the last three days. Link says “And of course I can’t get to my electric wheelchair, I left it downstairs…while I was gone, and I couldn’t bring it up the stairs.”

We spoke with Joplin’s Deputy Fire Chief, Andy Nimmo, who says right now, safety is the department’s biggest concern. Nimmo says “The situation that’s there now is that it’s not functioning at all, not allowing the folks to get anywhere, and that’s our biggest concern as a fire department right now is to ensure that they can be safe.”

Nimmo says he had a meeting with the corporate owners of Messenger Towers, one that he feels was very productive. Nimmo says “The best thing about face-to-face communication is that we were able to explain to them some things that I don’t think they were aware of, and they were able to tell us some things that they had planned and in the future to try and get this a more permanent resolution, we did feel good about the meeting and we hope that they follow through with they’re telling us they’re going to do going forward.”

Link says her other concern, is the number of times people have become trapped in the elevators when they break down. Link says “People are always getting trapped on them…what would you say…every two weeks somebody’s getting trapped in there.”

Nimmo says in the past five years, they’ve only responded seven elevator rescues, five of which have been between 2018 and now, but link says the site’s maintenance man has rescued several people himself.

Officials at Messenger Towers provided us with this statement from the corporate office saying “Messenger Towers takes maintenance requests seriously. We are actively working to repair our elevators and are working hard to make this a comfortable and pleasant place to live for all of our residents.”
Link says she just hopes they do something to permanently solve the problem.

By the time we left Messenger Towers, one of the elevators had been repaired. Latisha Link called our reporter and said a corporate official was visiting apartments asking if there was anything they could do to help them until both elevators were repaired.


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