Elementary students learn STEM at PSU

Future teachers guided kids through projects

Third grade students from Westside Elementary get lightning lessons in STEM related projects at PSU.

Pittsburg State University elementary and technical education majors had ten minutes to guide the kids through projects to learn vocabulary and engineering concepts. They used pulley systems and learned how to write code to open doors and move objects.

For the future teachers, it’s a chance to put lessons into practice. “They take ideas from us, we critique them and we help them along. But really it’s their brain child and they get a chance to not only try it, but then try it again and try it again so they can learn on re-iteration and fixing things that they see wrong and they can learn form their mistakes and their successes,” says Bryan McKay, Asst. Professor of Technology & Engineering Education.

More third graders will ge the chance to take part. The STEM demonstrations will take place every Tuesday and Thursday through March 7th, 2019.

Elementary students learn STEM at PSU