Elementary students art on display at Pittsburg Memorial Auditorium

Pittsburg elementary students display their talents as they show off hundreds of works of art.

Their creations went up at the Memorial Auditorium gallery in celebration of National Children’s Art Month.

George Nettles Elementary, Lakeside Elementary, Meadowlark, Westside – all four schools are sharing the space.

Some pretty crafty pieces are on display, from 3-D sculptures to scenes with thousands of pipe cleaners.

“They’re really excited,” says art teacher Candy Turner. “Last week, before spring break when it was nice, I walked a couple of classes up here and they got to see it and see some of their friends’ work and just really liked having it displayed.”

The art show has been held at the auditorium for over 10 years, but this is the first year that the school district has had at least one art teacher at every school.

You can check out the artwork through Thursday.