Electronic scooter rentals planned for Pittsburg

There’s a good chance you’ll soon see electric scooters around downtown Pittsburg, on Pitt State campus, and in other parts of the city.

That’s because Pittsburg city commissioners passed an ordinance at their most recent meeting, allowing companies to rent dockless vehicles, also known as electric scooters and bicycles, within city limits.

“They would be required to get a permit with the city in order to operate. And they would have to follow specific guidelines making sure that they pick up the scooters in a timely manner, make sure they’re operated safely,” said Pittsburg Public Information Manager Sarah Runyon.

The city looked into an ordinance after VeoRide, the company that’s been renting bikes on PSU’s campus, informed them they’d like to rent electric scooters to the people of Pittsburg. The city also conducted an online survey asking Pittsburg residents if they’d like to see rentable scooters on city streets, and got around 220 responses.

“We specifically asked, ‘Are you in favor of dockless scooters in Pittsburg,’ and 64% of the people that responded said ‘Yes,'” said Runyon.

People against bringing rentable scooters to Pittsburg said they were concerned about abandoned scooters being left around and overall safety, but city officials say their ordinance addresses both those issues.

And when it comes to pedestrian safety, scooters won’t be allowed on Broadway between 1st and 11th, which is a popular shopping destination.

If you’d like to read Pittsburg’s recently passed dockless vehicles ordinance, click here. If you’d like to read the survey about scooters coming to Pittsburg, click here.