Edith Darlene Vogeler

June 28, 1932 - April 11, 2020
Edith Darlene Vogeler

~ Lovingly Written by the Family ~

Mrs. Edith Darlene Vogeler, 87, died peacefully Saturday, April 11, 2020, at Spring River Christian Village in Joplin, MO. Native of DeKalb, Ill., born in 1932, Darlene was the youngest daughter of Charles H. and Mandie E. (Lowery) Green and wife of Ronald F. Vogeler.

Dar worked at Northern Illinois University for more than 30 years, most recently and longest as room and board supervisor, where she was highly regarded by both students and staff. She received honors for her service and retired in 1999. She lived most of her life in DeKalb. She was an active member at the First Church of God in Aurora, Ill., and served as a volunteer for Meals on Wheels for five years.

Who was Dar? She was most definitely a person who took pleasure in the simple things in life as she enjoyed observing and treasuring life around her from her own seat. She was a good friend and mentor to many, enjoyed the diversity in people, and often rooted for the underdog around her. She did many good things for people behind the scenes that we were never meant to know of.

She enjoyed family gatherings and cooking enough food for at least three times the number of people gathered. She will be forever remembered for her wonderfully made apple pies, the generous amounts of butter she would put on each bite of her toast, and her raised pinky finger when drinking her coffee. She saved and cherished every card/letter, drawing, masterpiece written, and any child-made noodle necklace that anyone gave her in life [literally] and actually reminiscing at them years later.

She loved planting flowers and making floral arrangements, wearing jewelry, sporting beautiful, bold clothing [with a few debatable pieces], and wearing fun decorative hats–just because. She treasured the beautiful colors of autumn, her favorite time of year. She delighted in keeping her house windows open for the cool fresh morning air, saturating herself in God’s never-ending landscapes including the vast Midwest cornfields [which most would disregard] that would take her breath away and being still for the awe inspiring sunsets that would blanket the sky. She was like a child in that she loved being outdoors, wearing shorts, going barefoot, and eating a full bowl of chocolate chip ice cream [her favorite!].

She enjoyed going on “Sunday” drives any day of the week. But most of all, she loved to get lost, anywhere and everywhere, as it was an adventure to somewhere she’d never been before! She would constantly turn her head as to not miss anything even putting her nose up in the air to be sure to catch the breeze and the fragrance of the moment. She soaked it all in and reflected upon it. She would even point out how looking up at a leafless tree looks like a gorgeous piece of black lace against a blue sky. It is stunningly beautiful, try it! She always spotted details, and openly addressed it like the Queen Anne’s Lace [flower] in any ditch or clearing. She loved poetry, Robert Louis Stevenson, and thought of life much like his quote, “The world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.”

The latter part of her life was a learning experience for her family around her. Family was unaware of how the sneaky, hidden, and slow progressing dementia was affecting her life. It is unnerving how hindsight can provide answers to foresight’s denial. We just wish we’d recognized and accepted it for what it was sooner. It was an honor to be a part of her life even in the most difficult times. It is comforting to know that she even touched lives of the nursing home staff who helped this non-verbal woman in her last stages. Her watery-eyed caregivers voluntarily mentioned that she was their favorite “girl” and that she had her own unique ways of showing them that she loved them. She will be missed.

Dar was preceded in death by husband Ronald F. Vogeler (d. 1998). She is also preceded in death by sisters Nannie Mae Dietz (d. 1995), Mattie J. Colvin (d. 1995) and Irene Gorman and brothers Edward Green (d. 1936) and Calvin Green (s. Theresa). She is survived by her brother, Robert Green (Eva) of Murfreesboro, TN; her children Paul David Sheldon (Becki) of Las Vegas; Rebecca Denise Lindenberg (Greg) of Wilmette, Ill.; Steven Mark Sheldon of DeKalb, IL; Laura Veri (Clive) of Joplin, MO; and grandchildren Amanda Kay Sheldon, Emily Kay Sheldon, Katherine Kay Sheldon, Andrew Paul Sheldon of Roseville, CA; Lydia Cordelia Lindenberg (Mike Snodgrass, fiance) of Chicago, IL; Rachel Darlene Lindenberg (Mike McGrath, partner) of Chicago, IL; Alyssa (Veri) Terry (Logan) and great grandchild, Carter of Bella Vista, AR; Emma (Veri) Cox (Aaron) of Bella Vista, AR; Collin Veri of Joplin, MO; and Sarah Veri of Bentonville, AR.

Cremation has been established for Mrs. Vogeler. No formal funeral services will be held, only private family gathering.