Economic Security Corporation offers contact-free applications

JOPLIN, Mo. – Colder weather often means higher utilities, but programs offered through the Economic Security Corporation can help make a difference for local families.

“My husband has been disabled nearly the whole time we’ve been married, so I had to do things myself or ask for help, and I’m thankful there’s a place to call to get help for that kind of thing,” said Helena Sweet-Livingston, a Jasper resident.

Helena says Economic Security helped get her through the winter, weatherizing her drafty, older home, saving her quite a bit of money. Now, Economic Security is hoping to reach more people in need, offering its utility assistance application online, no longer requiring a printed copy.Apply Today Only

“During the summer, the State of Missouri really upped their game and got all of that really fixed to where it’s totally virtual. A person can upload their documentation, take pictures of it. It’s really amazing that this can all be done contactless now,” explained Debbie Markham with the Economic Security Corporation.

For people without printer or internet access, you can still fill out an application. You just need to give the Economic Security office a call and they’ll send you everything you need in the mail. Then you can bring your application to one of their drop off boxes located at each of their offices.

“I don’t know anything about using computers and that type of thing. I really appreciate the paper they send out,” said Sweet-Livingston.

No matter how people apply, it doesn’t hurt to put feelers out for financial assistance. Markham says many community members are struggling as a result of the pandemic, but ESC is here to help.

“We’re really hopeful that we will be able to maybe get some of those bills that folks were just not able to get caught up with because of that loss of employment. Maybe we can get them caught up now,” Markham stated.

“Every little bit helps,” emphasized Sweet-Livingston.

The Economic Security Corporation’s winter utility assistance program will start on Nov. 2. You can enroll through March 31.

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