East Middle School Students Travel with Family to Inauguration; To Carry on Family Tradition

East Middle School Students Travel with Family to Inauguration; To Carry on Family Tradition

A local family is leaving Thursday for Washington D.C. to attend the presidential inauguration. It’s a learning experience for two students who are also carrying on a family tradition.

J onah Hensley will be missing class Friday instead in the nation’s capitol for the inauguration.
He believes it is important to go. “Whenever you get a new president you should celebrate. I think because even though you don’t like ’em or not, it’s still a transition of power.”
His younger brother W yatt is excited to go too. “He is the oldest president and he’s the first president that didn’t have any government. He was just a businessman.”

And they’ll have a great view. Their mom says their tickets, sought back in October, are within one hundred yards of the swearing in stage.
Karensue Hensley attended President Obama’s inauguration in2009 and she’s ok with her sons missing school to go this time. S he explained, “Because it’s an historical event. It’s part of history. They get to live a part of history and actually be there.”
Wyatt said, “I’m so excited. This is a one time opportunity and I was supporting for him in the election.”

For the Hensley boys, the inauguration is actually the culmination of taking part in the whole election process. Karensue, an East Middle school counselor said, “W e actually had a small group club here. It was called the election watch, where we actually learned about the whole electoral college process . T hey have been involved, gone out done some campaigning, they’ve gone to campaign rallies and they’ve been investigating and researching the candidates.”

The Hensley boys will actually be the fourth generation of the family to see a presidential inauguration

Karensue said, “My great aunt happened to be lucky enough to live out in DC, so she got to see Truman and Eisenhower’s inaugurations. My dad was out there in ’61 and was part of Kennedy’s inauguration as well as in the parade.”

S he hopes it becomes a family tradition and one day it could be an inauguration for someone she knows. Jonah has his own political aspirations.

Jonah said, “Cause I want to help the people out in our community actually in our whole country. And I just want to work with other countries.”
Karensue added, “He’s wanted to be President of the United States since he was four years old.”
That inauguration would be pretty far away. He hopes to run in 2052.