Early in-person voting in the 4-States

Every state does it differently, so here's the details.

Early voting has kicked off in the 4-states.

Here’s the thing — like most things when it comes to voting, it’s done differently in every state:


In Oklahoma, early in-person voting kicks off Thursday morning and will happen for for the next three days.
today and tomorrow from 8 a-m until 6 p-m, and Saturday from 9 a-m to 2 p-m.

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In the Show Me State, the technical term is “in-person absentee voting.”

Since the deadline to request a ballot in the mail has passed (Oct. 21), your early voting option is to go to your local election authority and apply to vote absentee.

It’s the same form, and it’ll ask you for an excuse.
Once you fill out the form, you’ll be handed a ballot to fill out right there.

In-person voting can be done:

  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday until noon
  • Monday

To be safe, just check your local election office hours.

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Advance in-person voting is available statewide, and has been available for more than two weeks in some counties.

In-person voting is either available at your county election office, or at a satellite voting location.
See what’s available through your county clerk’s website or give them a call.\

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Early voting has been happening since October 19th and will continue through business hours on Monday.

Those hours may vary, so make sure to check online for the early voting hours in your county.

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