Drying out & turning cooler for Tuesday – Nick

Nice taste of fall on the way before we warm back up late in the week

Good late Monday evening, everyone. Before things got a bit bumpy this evening with our rain and t-storm chances picking up, we kept quiet for much of the day. Not only that, we saw our last hot day of the summer season after our mild start in the lower 70s this morning. After we saw highs in the upper 80s on Sunday, we topped out around 93° in Joplin with the rest of the area topping out in the upper 80s and lower 90s this afternoon.


Let’s break down our weather setup. Thanks to the cold front, we had our share of strong to severe t-storms work across a good portion of the area this evening. Even though the front is pushing through, it’ll still keep some scattered showers and some t-storms in play as we go through the night and into Tuesday morning. Fortunately, high pressure will build in behind the front as we get into Tuesday. That will be more than eager to cool us down and dry things out.


Upstairs at the jet stream level, the vigorous upper-level low is also assisting in pushing the front through. Once it does the job and sends us back on the cooler side of the jet, we’ll have a few nice mild days to wrap up our summer and kick off fall.


The Future Track below is getting a little ahead of itself by clearing the rain chances out. I still expect some scattered showers to be around as we get our Tuesday morning drive underway under mostly cloudy skies. It does have the right idea about temperatures, though. With the north wind kicking in behind the cold front, we’ll drop into the upper 50s to start the day out.


Any rain chances that will try to hold on during the morning will be out of here as we head into the afternoon. Even with partly to mostly sunny skies returning, the north wind will kick in behind the front at 10-20 mph. That will definitely make things cooler for Tuesday afternoon compared to how we fared today. Expect highs to top out in the lower 70s.


With the first day of fall on Wednesday, the weather will actually feel like fall around here. After we drop back near 60° by 10 o’clock Tuesday night, we’ll have clear skies and a north breeze send lows in to the upper 40s to start Wednesday morning out.


With sunny skies and a north breeze at 5 to 15 mph set for our Wednesday, it will be a beautiful start to fall as highs bounce back into the lower 70s for the afternoon.


Even though the jet stream will start to edge back in our direction for Thursday, we’ll keep quiet and nice under mostly sunny skies. After another start with lows in the upper 40s, we’ll see highs top out in the upper 70s for Thursday afternoon.


You can see how the jet stream wants to work back on top of the area as we head into the weekend down below. Even with an upper-level low developing in the Desert Southwest, we’ll keep dry under partly to mostly sunny skies for the upcoming weekend. With this setup, lows will drop into the upper 50s and lower 60s before we see highs bounce back into the middle 80s for each afternoon.


By Monday of next week, you can see how the jet stream will try to push off to the northeast of the region. We’ll also keep an eye out for a potential weak wave underneath the jet. So far, this will bring partly sunny skies for Monday and keep us dry. As for temperatures, we’ll have lows in the upper 60s before we send highs back into the upper 80s for Monday afternoon.


Have a good night and a great Tuesday!